• Plan the tank placement area so that extra storage tanks can be added later if needed.
  • Instead of installing a 10,000 litre tank, you could install 2 5,000 litre tanks.
  • If space is limited, underground water tanks could be installed.
  • Certified professionals should be utilised for relevant installation work.
  • Should a system be required for both grey water use and as potable water, it is cost effect to separate the potable water component so that a smaller purification system is needed.

The eThekwini Municipal Water Bylaws can be found here

While all aspects of the Bylaws should always be complied with, we draw your attention to the following sections that deal specifically with water tanks (“Storage Tanks”):

  • Chapter III: Approval on Installation Work
  • Chapter IV: Control of Installation & Other Work
    Chapter IV/1 Persons permitted to do installation & other work
  • Chapter VI: General water installation requirements:
    VI/7: Pumping of water
    VI/9: Isolating valve
    VI/10: Storage tanks having a capacity of more than 2 kilolitres
    VI/11: Inspections & maintenance of storage tanks & inlet control valves
    VI/12: Storage tanks having a capacity of 2 kilolitres or less
    VI/13: Emergency supply connections to domestic installations\
  • Chapter: VII: Prevention of undue consumption of water
    VII/4: Discharge from terminal water fittings to be visible
  • Chapter: VIII: Prevention of pollution of water
    VIII/2: Protection of water supply system
    VIII/5: Protection of water installations