South Africa is in the grips of a severe drought and this is no different in the eThekwini Municipal Area. The eThekwini Municipality have implemented a number of initiatives to help reduce water consumption and ensure a sustainable supply of water. These interventions include limiting supply of water at night, reduction of water pressure, installation of water meter restrictors and fines for high water usage.

To overcome the drought situation, and to ensure that we have a sustainable water supply, all eThekwini Municipal residents have to work together and undertake relevant actions that are within our control. This section of the Shisa Solar website deals specifically on rainwater harvesting and back-up water systems.

It is also important to note that as we consume less water, less electricity is also utilised. For water to arrive at our taps, pumps are needed to actually pump the water over the hilly topography of eThekwini Municipality. In addition, a huge amount of electricity is needed to treat and purify the water before it is potable. Waste water also has to be treated before it is discharged back into natural systems requiring more energy to be used.

Therefore, we have made it easier for you to research and consider using rain water harvesting systems to ensure that your home has a supply of water should the drought be extremely severe. We urge residents to continue saving water in their daily operations.

*This section of the Shisa Solar website was drafted with collaboration from Jojo Tanks, The collaboration  is appreciated.